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Shanghai University-Paris International Institute of Fashion and Arts is an institute of fashion and arts, which is jointly run by Shanghai University and MOD`ART International. 
Our institute adopts advanced French Teaching methods, embodies and Western cultures. It is making great efforts to raise its education quality and art taste.
Two majors are offered at our institute:Fashion Design/Pattern Making、 Luxury Marketing & Ma..
  Introduce of Mod'art
  Introduce of Mod'art Shanghai
  2016 Graduation show
  2016 Graduation show highlights
  2016 Graduation show
  2016 Graduation show
  2015 ModArt Fashion
  2015 ModArt Fashion Show

The goal of our institute is: Better school, better life.
In order to meet this goal, there formed a special school philosohy during the long-term education procress.

Philosophy of Education:
Incremental teaching hours , there are over one thousand class hours on average in each year, which doubles the class hours of the undergraduate..

  The 2017 Graduation Fashion Sh
  Vice-President of Shanghai Uni
  Vice-President of Shanghai University Xu Xu came to our school
  Countdown One mouth for gradua
  Diversity special - Bridging t
  A strong and singular voice for black society within the larger fashion sphere, Enninful has always been focus
  The Highlights - This year's u
  A showcase that reverts back to haute couture’s natural state of opulence and intrigue, each year the great an
  Fashion Forecaster - New names
  The host of one of the world’s biggest fashion happenings, if the walls of the iconic Noailles villa could tal
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